The Association of Bulgarian Insurers (ABI)  was established in 1992.  ABI currently unites 29 companies, representing  91,4% of the Bulgarian insurance market and with assets amounting to 3,3 billion EUR for 2020. The ABI has a leading position in the creation of common policies for the development of the insurance sector, the protection of the industryrights and interests, imposing fair competition in the sector and coordinating among insurers on issues of common interest. During the years of its existence, ABI has become a rallyingpoint for the financial services market participants.



ABZ Survey "Attitudes towards insurance and insurance literacy (2020)

The survey of ABZ "Attitudes towards insurance and insurance literacy (2020) was conducted" among 1000 people across the country aged 18-65. Its purpose is to examine the attitudes of Bulgarians towards insurance, familiarity with and use of insurance products, consumer behavior and the level of insurance literacy. Such a study, in terms of subject matter and scale, has not been conducted so far in the country. The study consists of two main


Insurance market: results as of December 2020

For the insurance market as a whole, the effect of the crisis provoked by COVID-19 is to limit the dynamic growth of previous years and keep it at levels close to those of 2019. FSC market data, including the latest - as of December 2020 - confirm the trend. At the end of the 4th quarter of 2020, the total premium income for the market amounted to BGN 2,885 million, as the decrease compared to 2019 was only -0.9%. The total amount of