The analysis of ABZ "Survey of Attitudes to Insurance and Insurance Literacy in Bulgaria" is published by Microinsurance Network

The analysis based on the data from the nationally representative survey of ABZ "Attitudes towards insurance and insurance literacy" (2020) was translated into English with the assistance of the international organization Microinsurance Network and published on their website and monthly bulletin. Microinsurance Network brings together organizations from around the world, committed to working together to build a world in which people of all income levels are more resilient and less vulnerable to everyday and catastrophic risks through improved access to effective management tools. risk, including insurance services. ABZ's analysis was presented during the conference "Inclusive Insurance in Central and Eastern Europe - Challenges and Opportunities" (1-2 September 2021) and  provokes significant interest among the international More

With the educational game-quiz "No mistakes on the road" ABZ calls for compliance with the rules of the road

Children and adults, educational and other organizations can join the game by solving the quiz "No mistakes on the road", available through the website of the Association of Bulgarian Insurers - Participants must find out if there are any mistakes and indicate what they are in the ten road situations presented in the quiz. Thus, in addition to testing and enriching their knowledge of the basic rules of road safety, they will also be able to win a prize. The game takes place in the period September 20 - October 10, 2021. The condition is that the participants answer correctly the 10 questions from the quiz "No mistakes on the road". By submitting their e-mail address, participants will be able to enter the raffle for prizes, and the winners will be determined on October 16, 2021. The "No Mistakes on the Road" test and the More

ABZ participates in the initiative "Together for Child Safety on Central and Eastern Europe’s Roads"

20 September is World Insurance Awareness Day. In several countries World Children’s Day is celebrated on the same day. Eight Central and Eastern European countries are taking this day as an opportunity to unite in actions to increase child safety, with a focus on road traffic. Children behave differently in road traffic: They see, hear and feel differently, perceive their environment from a different perspective and are distracted more quickly. This makes them particularly vulnerable to accidents. Children need the greatest possible protection and support to be optimally prepared for a safe life. Despite all efforts, however, serious accidents involving children happen every day. Thanks to huge efforts of police and road safety institutions, adequate actions of civil society, infrastructural modifications and technical/digital More

ABZ took part in the conference "Inclusive Insurance in Central and Eastern Europe - Challenges and Opportunities", 1-2 September 2021

The ABZ study "Attitudes towards Insurance and Insurance Literacy" was presented at the international conference, focused on the challenges and opportunities for the inclusive insurance in Central and Eastern Europe and the Transcaucasian region. The event was held in digital format on September 1 and 2, 2021, and was attended by representatives of regulators, the insurance industry, non-governmental organizations working in the field of insurance. During the conference, it was discussed how the new business models and supervisory approaches could help increase the low levels of insurance penetration currently observed in Central and Eastern Europe and the Transcaucasian Region (CEET). Among the highlights was the digitalization and how the digital solutions can be used to address the problem especially among vulnerable groups. Rositza More

The Association of Bulgarian Insurers held its regular Annual Meeting, Mr. Konstantin Velev was re-elected Chairman of the Management Board

The Association of Bulgarian Insurers (ABI) held its regular Annual Meeting on June 23, 2021. The members of the association approved the Annual Report, next year Action plan and the communication strategy of ABI. The planned activities are oriented toward continuation of the policies of ABI for improvement of the regulatory environment and business climate, for development of initiatives aimed at raising awareness and insurance literacy and improving road safety. The General Meeting  voted for acceptance of a new associate member of the Association of Bulgarian Insurers - Insurance Company Bulgaria Insurance AD. New members of the Management Board were elected and Mr. Konstantin Velev was unanimously re-elected Chairman of the Management Board of ABI for a second term. "I accept my re-election as a sign of trust on the part of More

#WiselyOntheRoad: To enjoy the summer! - ABI Summer Road Safety Campaign

Summer time means vacation, joy and travel.  More intensive traffic during the summer period means also an increased risk of traffic accidents. One of the prerequisites to fully enjoy the summer is to be reasonable on the road and thus avoid road accidents. There are three leading factors that influencing road safety - road infrastructure, maintenance of vehicles and behavior . And if it is difficult to influence the former, it is certainly our responsibility to maintain our car well and to follow the road safety rules. With the campaign “WiselyOntheRoad:To enjoy the summer” ABI aims to address some important aspects of safe summer driving. As part of it, ABI will publish on its website and pages on Facebook and LinkedIn materials, in which it will focus on: -        Observance of More

Mr. Kostantin Velev, Chairman of ABI, for, TV Bulgaria On Air: "Insurers have successfully adjusted their business to the new realities, they met the needs and expectations of clients."

 In an interview for the program, TV Bulgaria On Air, on April 29, Mr. Kostantin Velev, Chairman of ABI, commented on current topics for the insurance market. "It is a serious challenge to meet the requirements of the past 2020 and to serve the clients, so that their trust will be justified. Insurers were able to adapt very quickly to the constraints and new conditions and to change a number of aspects of the work process - the conclusion of claims and the registration of damages, the communication with. The year was difficult, but the companies managed successfully. "- this is how Velev assessed the achievements of the insurers. That is why the Insurer of the Year Awards for 2020 carry an additional charge, they are used to evaluate the results achieved in a truly challenging environment.   As a main challenge in More

The best insurance companies for 2020 were awarded at the Annual Awards Ceremony "Insurer of the Year"

On May 27, 2021 for the thirteenth consecutive year were presented the most prestigious annual awards in the insurance and pension insurance sector in Bulgaria - "Insurer of the Year", "Pension Insurance Company of the Year" and "Insurance Broker of the Year" for 2020, as well as and the annual awards of the foundation “Prof. Dr. Veleslav Gavriyski ”. The organizers of the event are the Higher School of Insurance and Finance (VUZF), the Association of Bulgarian Insurers (ABZ), the Bulgarian Association of Supplementary Pension Insurance Companies (BADDPO), the Prof. Dr. Veleslav Gavriyski ”and the Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers (BACB). The awards were presented at an official ceremony in the hall of VUZF, held online due to anti-epidemic restrictions and was broadcast live on the Facebook page of the More