The analysis of ABZ "Survey of Attitudes to Insurance and Insurance Literacy in Bulgaria" is published by Microinsurance Network

The analysis based on the data from the nationally representative survey of ABZ "Attitudes towards insurance and insurance literacy" (2020) was translated into English with the assistance of the international organization Microinsurance Network and published on their website and monthly bulletin. Microinsurance Network brings together organizations from around the world, committed to working together to build a world in which people of all income levels are more resilient and less vulnerable to everyday and catastrophic risks through improved access to effective management tools. risk, including insurance services.

ABZ's analysis was presented during the conference "Inclusive Insurance in Central and Eastern Europe - Challenges and Opportunities" (1-2 September 2021) and  provokes significant interest among the international audience. Microinsurance Network was among the organizers of the event along with the Munich Re Foundation, Access to Insurance Initiative, International Association of Insurance Supervisors, Insurance Supervision Agency of Slovenia.

The analysis of the data from the national survey of ABZ "Attitudes towards insurance and insurance literacy in Bulgaria" show the existence of a direct link between insurance literacy, trust and the use of insurance products. There are positive trends in terms of trust in insurers and a relatively high degree of understanding of the benefits of insurance, but at the same time there are persistent negative attitudes towards insurance, which do not correspond to the actual consumer experience.