The best insurance companies for 2020 were awarded at the Annual Awards Ceremony "Insurer of the Year"

On May 27, 2021 for the thirteenth consecutive year were presented the most prestigious annual awards in the insurance and pension insurance sector in Bulgaria - "Insurer of the Year", "Pension Insurance Company of the Year" and "Insurance Broker of the Year" for 2020, as well as and the annual awards of the foundation “Prof. Dr. Veleslav Gavriyski ”.

The organizers of the event are the Higher School of Insurance and Finance (VUZF), the Association of Bulgarian Insurers (ABZ), the Bulgarian Association of Supplementary Pension Insurance Companies (BADDPO), the Prof. Dr. Veleslav Gavriyski ”and the Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers (BACB).

The awards were presented at an official ceremony in the hall of VUZF, held online due to anti-epidemic restrictions and was broadcast live on the Facebook page of the university.

Special guests at the ceremony were Mr. Boyko Atanasov, Chairman of the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC), Mr. Lazar Lazarov, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Mr. Vladimir Savov, Deputy Chairman of the FSC, Head of the Insurance Supervision Department and Ms. Diana Yordanova, Deputy Chairperson of the FSC, Head of the Insurance Supervision Department.

The best companies were determined by an expert jury composed of representatives of the organizers, based on objective public criteria and indicators.

The official ceremony was opened by the Rector of VUZF Assoc. Prof. Dr. Grigory Vazov, member of the Organizing Committee and founder of the annual awards, who stressed that the awards ceremony is the most significant and expected event for the insurance and pension insurance sector. the work of the companies and distinguishes the best of them during the past challenging year.


A special greeting to the organizers and the whole insurance guild was given by Mr. Boyko Atanasov, Chairman of the FSC. He greeted the organizers of the event, the official guests and addressed the audience and spectators with the words:

"When the crisis unfolded, the insurance and pension sector had the option of continuing to act on momentum and on well-trodden but sustainable models, trying to prevent possible losses. On the other hand, however, we are faced with the choice to create new ways of operating in the market and in relation to customers. Today we clearly see that the participants in the insurance and pension insurance market manage to successfully adapt to the challenges of the environment by implementing more and more digital services and mobile fintech applications, by building an organizational culture for work in which to maintain good and working practices and to introduce new ones, adequate for the market and the conditions. I believe that the engine of change in the sector is focus, thought, focus on specific products specifically designed for target groups of customers, because it is the attitude of thinking and people's needs that are crucial for the stability of the sector. Today, more than ever, we are moving from a crisis response phase to a recovery phase and an innovation phase to provide what consumers need most - security and peace of mind! ”

The awards in the three categories "Insurer of the Year" and the nominated companies were presented by Mr. Konstantin Velev, Chairman of ABZ. In his address, he pointed out that the non-traditional for the community way of holding the ceremony is a symbol of the period we are going through - challenges and transformations, the search for optimal solutions with a view to business and society.

"It is during this period that the deep meaning of the Insurer of the Year awards is manifested, because they help us to comprehend the difficulties and evaluate the achievements of the companies and the sector as a whole. The past crisis year has come with many unknowns for all of us and has imposed a rapid pace of transformation. The companies successfully responded to the challenge, optimized and digitized their business processes, responded to the needs of their customers with innovative solutions and products. It is an indisputable achievement that against the background of the economic crisis the market remained stable and achieved results close to the very successful 2019 "- said Konstantin Velev.

The award in the category "Insurer of the Year - General Insurance" for 2020 was won by DZI-General Insurance EAD. The award was presented to Mr. Kosta Cholakov, Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer of DZI, by Boyko Atanasov, Chairman of the Financial Supervision Commission.

In the category "Insurer of the Year - Life Insurance" for 2020 the winner was Uniqa Life Insurance Company AD. The award was presented by Dr. Nikolay Zdravkov, Chairman of the Board of BACB, and the award was accepted by Boris Palichev, General Manager of Uniqa Bulgaria AD.

The prize "Insurer of the Year - The Most Dynamically Developing Company" for 2020 was won by EIG Re Insurance Company EAD. The award was presented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Grigoriy Vazov, Rector of VUZF, to Mr. Petar Avramov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the company.