#WiselyOntheRoad: To enjoy the summer! - ABI Summer Road Safety Campaign

Summer time means vacation, joy and travel.  More intensive traffic during the summer period means also an increased risk of traffic accidents. One of the prerequisites to fully enjoy the summer is to be reasonable on the road and thus avoid road accidents.

There are three leading factors that influencing road safety - road infrastructure, maintenance of vehicles and behavior . And if it is difficult to influence the former, it is certainly our responsibility to maintain our car well and to follow the road safety rules.

With the campaign “WiselyOntheRoad:To enjoy the summer” ABI aims to address some important aspects of safe summer driving. As part of it, ABI will publish on its website and pages on Facebook and LinkedIn materials, in which it will focus on:

-        Observance of traffic rules and reasonable behavior on the road

-        Tips for technical maintenance of the car during the summer

-        Availability of appropriate car insurance

The campaign is carried out within the long-term initiative for road safety of ABI # WiselyOntheRoad