Over the years, ABI has established itself as a loyal partner of Bulgarian and international institutions, bodies and organizations working in the field of insurance and insurance supervision.

The association has 7 permanent commissions in following professional areas- life insurance, car insurance, property insurance, medical insurance, financial and accounting, legal commission and liability committee. The goal is to unite the interests of insurance companies and present their views on common issues. There are also 6 active working groups. The members of the commissions and the working groups are specialists from the companies, operating on the market with extensive professional experience in the respective field.

Over time, ABI has established itself as the main coordination point between the insurance business, the legislative and executive power, and the regulator. Our association has established long-term cooperation with the Financial Supervision Commission. The high expertise of our members is sought and highly appreciated by constant participation in the law-making process at all levels.

ABI is a member of three interdepartmental working groups: working group № 26 “Financial Services” of the Council for European Affairs at the Council of Ministers, working group on financial literacy at the Ministry of Finance, Capital Market Development Council at the FSC.

ABI has a fruitful collaboration with all other industry organizations in the financial sector. As a representative union for the Bulgarian insurance business, the ABI is a member of Insurance Europe - the European /re/insurance federation. Our Association is a regular participant in the forums organized by  Insurance Europe and actively cooperates in the development of common positions and the exchange of information. Through the membership in Insurance Europe and the maintaining of professional contacts with similar institutions, ABI provides its members with relevant information on all new developments, as well as the opportunity for exchange of experience and competencies.

The dynamics of the financial sector, the need for reforms and constant adaptation define quality education as a significant priority in the activities of ABI. We are convinced that good education and highly qualified staff are the leading factor for the development of the insurance sector in Bulgaria. The Association has a long-standing partnership with VUZF University on finance, insurance, business and entrepreneurship, Academy of Economics “D.A. Tsenov”,  and University of National and World Economy.