Insurers For the Society 2020

In the sixth edition of the "Insurers for Society 2020" competition participated 15 valuable and significant for society projects of insurance companies.

In his address, Konstantin Velev, Chairman of the Board of ABI, said: “I should proudly note the social commitment of the entire insurance community, which became especially visible during the COVID-19 challenge. Insurers turned to the public with numerous charitable gestures to help the most affected, the most needy and especially to support the health sector, which was at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic. Insurers have always been responding to the public needs and this year edition is anther prove  for the corporate social responsibility of the industry.”

The competition "Insurers for the Society" is organized by ABI and BABB. The winners are determined by voting by insurance companies and insurance brokers, members of both associations.

The first place is for the initiative of DZI - Providing free insurance protection to physicians on the first line in the fight against COVID-19 and digitalization of basic processes for its clients. At the very beginning of the declared state of emergency, DZI turned its attention to those who did not have the luxury of adjusting to "work from home" - first-line medical personnel. That is why DZI decided to insure free of charge the medical staff and other staff working in medical institutions where coronavirus treatment is performed in Sofia. The total number of insured medics is 1116 people, and to date the benefits paid are 31 in the amount of BGN 40,000. In the situation of emergency, DZI provided its clients with alternative ways to access its insurance products. In March and April, DZI quickly introduced a completely new, remote and digitalized process for processing claims for property insurance "Comfort for Home" and "Comfort for Business", allowing significant optimization of the time for receiving compensation, as well as eliminating the inconvenience by submitting documents on paper and visiting an office.

The second place in the competition is for the initiative of Generali AD ​​- The Human Safety Net. It aims to support disadvantaged children and families. The movement is based on the idea that people help people and this can lead to sustainable change and create a positive effect. The partner of the initiative is the Foundation “For Our Children”. In the first six months of 2020 through the initiative The Human Safety Net, 37 families and their children were supported, 27 children found care and support in 25 foster families, 53 candidate adoptive families were prepared , 70 children with disabilities were supported, 25 foster families were supported and consulted, the opening of the new Children's Day Center for Children and / or Youth with Disabilities of the Foundation "For Our Children" through donations and volunteer work from side of Generali Insurance employees.

The project of Uniqa AD is ranked third - "500 free medical consultations in the MedUNIQA application". During the state of emergency in the country, the opportunities for control and preventive examinations were canceled, and many people were afraid and avoided visiting hospitals and medical centers. With its application for online medical consultations MedUNIQA insurance company Uniqa AD provided 500 free online medical consultations for everyone in need without any restrictions, and the costs were covered by the company. The aim of the project was to allow any user who has any health concerns to receive timely medical advice and not to neglect their general health. At the same time, the recommendations