1.  Property Insurance Commission, maritime and aviation insurance and catastrophic risks

Mr. Vesselin Angelov, Chairperson

Mr. Kiril Boshov, Deputy Chairperson


2. Juridical Commission

Mr. Konstantin Velev, Chairperson

Mr. Plamen Shinov, Deputy Chairperson


3. Economic and Financial Commission, Solvency II and Risk Management

Mr. Boris Palichev, Chairperson

Ms. Celine Bollard, Deputy Chairperson


4.  Life Insurance Commission

Ms. Celine Bollard, Chairperson

Mr. Vesselin Angelov, Deputy Chairperson


5. Motor Insurance Commission

Mr. Iuri Kopatch, Chairperson

Mr. Plamen Shinov, Deputy Chairperson


6. Medical Insurance Commission

Mr. Kiril Boshov, Chairperson

Mr. Boris Palichev, Deputy Chairperson


7. Liabilities Commission

Mr. Plamen Shinov, Chairperson

Mr. Konstantin Velev, Deputy Chairperson